Bike Fitting

Cotswold Cycles offers a comprehensive cycling analysis and fitting service. We are accredited by Cyclefit and Trek Precision Fit

A Bike fit with Cotswold Cycles will optimise your riding position, eliminate niggles or help you decide on the bike that suits your requirements.

  • You will spend approximately 2.5 hours with one of our bike fit technicians. 
  • As detailed below the session will comprise of an interview, a short physical evaluation and position analysis utilising our cycle fit Jig.
  • Once your fit is complete you will be given a copy of the information gleaned and a full set of measurements. Your bicycle will be adjusted if the requirements allow or booked into our workshop at our earliest opportunity to complete any necessary alterations.
  • We believe that a Bike fit is just the beginning of a journey and as you get fitter and increase your riding so your fit will also change and we are always here to help with that process with follow up fits or just answers to any questions that you may have.

The Interview

We need to know about you, your life and your cycling. Your future aspirations and current cycling limitations. Armed with this information it helps us determine your bike position based on your type of riding and how much time you have to cycle.

Injury/Pain concerns
We will be looking for underlying cause from your bike-position, set-up and history. 

Physical Evaluation

Body measurements and assessment of flexibility and ranges of motion will help us build a picture of your bio-mechanics prior to riding on the Fit Bike. Particular attention is paid to your feet as a correctly adjusted cycling shoe improves pedaling dynamics, performance and comfort. Any asymmetries will be noted.

Position Analysis

The Fit Bike will be adjusted to replicate your bike if you have it with you and after warming up video files will be recorded with Dartfish Motion Analysis Software. Your technician will be able to tell you and illustrate to you where adjustments can be made to bike dimensions, posture and pedalling technique to improve your cycling experience.

If new shoes and or pedals are required they can be set up during the appointment.

You will be on the Fit Bike for up to an hour with constant adjustments and coaching on posture and pedalling technique should it be required.

The saddle and handlebar position will be set, cleat position and possibly insoles as well. Your cleats will be adjusted for optimum comfort and injury prevention. 

On the Fit Bike crank lengths are adjustable and they can be adjusted accordingly based on leg length and range of motion. 

The saddle will be selected for comfort and pelvic support based on your feedback.

Final Analysis

At the end of your Bike Fit you will have your position data recorded.

Your Technician will make component and frame recommendations for you and our workshop can adjust your bike based on the Fit Bike data.

Bike fit services and prices

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